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Next Course: October 1, 2020
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"This course by Midwest GeoSciences Group has been an amazing introduction into the world of subsurface investigation. The resources provided with this course (e.g. the webinars, tutorials, and workbook with helpful hints), along with the broad topic content, have given me a good foundation to build strong investigation and analysis habits off of. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone getting into the geotechnical or geological field."
- Adam Murphy, Associate Project Consultant, SIMPSON GUMPERTZ & HEGER

Professional outcome from
Taking the Mystery Out of the Subsurface 2.0


Master Your Soil Classification Skills and Improve
the Reliability of Your Soil Boring Logs!

"Jim's book is great. I wished I'd had both the Field Guide for Slug Testing and Jim's slug testing book 33 years ago when I first started practicing hydrogeology. Back then I was in the dark. My boss gave me the Bouwer and Rice paper and said go figure it out. I had no idea what I was doing. But, Jim explains it all so well. Many thanks to Jim Butler!!! I am a better hydro now than ever after Jim's help."
- David Sheil, Sheil Engineering, Inc.

"Jim Butler's Second Edition of The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Testing is THE main point of reference for all things slug testing! It is so popular in our office that I just lost it to a coworker, who has yet to return it (but will!). Based on the techniques described in the first edition, we have continuously modified how we do our slug tests and our understanding of test data."
- Lynn D. Green, Principal Engineering Geologist / Hydrologist, EVREN Northwest, Inc.

"Jim Butler's new edition of The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Test is one of the best resources I have in my work place library. Performing slug tests is very important in the environmental field and his new book presents many new developments and guidelines for conducting tests and analyzing the data. I highly recommend Jim's book."
- Daniel J. Lombardi, P.G. Principal Hydrogeologist, St. John-Mittelhauser & Associates, Inc.

"I've been pleasantly surprised by how well-done the (MidwestGeo Ethics Webinar) curriculum is. I wasn't expecting to enjoy (these ethics webinars). But that's because I've seen this topic covered sooooooooo pooooooorly that I basically go into these types of webinars not expecting much. I'm looking forward to the next installments!!"
- Candid, anonymous, 2020 ethics webinar participant.

Performing slug tests with the Midwest GeoSciences Group solid H(o) slugs are perfect for determining K-values efficiently. In my experience, H(o) values tend to fit better at well locations with low K values, however data is also reliable and accurate for wells with high K values. They are straight forward and easy to use. - Christian Bruchman, Arcadis

Solid H(o) Slug
Pneumatic Hi-K Slug
Slug Testing Webinar
Field Guide for Slug Testing

"Thanks to MidWest GeoSciences for having these webinars available to complete my continuing education for my PG. What I really like is the wide range of topics and expertise of the people giving the webinars."
- Robert Trahan, Michael Pisani and Associates

GeoMan Harry Morris at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
More to the story here.

Keegan and Steve surfing Bondi Beach.
More to the story here.

GeoMan Superhero Darren Docherty in his sartorial splendor
on the daredevil Red Bull Slopes at Lake Louise, Alberta.
Go, go Darren!!

Congratulations to the United States Ice Coring Program during their remarkable achievement of coring to 1,751 meters! Pictured is GeoMan Jay Johnson donning his GeoMan SuperHero Shirt by Midwest GeoSciences Group.

GeoMan Jordan Gibson from Trinity Analysis & Development Corp., Shalimar, Florida is outstanding in his field!

Thank you for sending us the photo, Jordan!

Keep up the good work!

"The Field Guide for Slug Testing and Data Analysis was of great use in the field. It addressed my questions and was a great reference to have in the field. Thank you." - Carlos Landaverde, Geologist, AECOM

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