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Andrew Kirkman, PE

Mr. Kirkman has 11 years experience conducting environmental investigations and engineering. Mr. Kirkman specializes in subsurface petroleum hydrocarbon, coal tar and creosote distribution, release and recovery studies. He has characterized the distribution and mobility of NAPL at multiple refinery, railroad, retail, manufactured gas plant, wood treating and terminal sites. Mr. Kirkman has worked with regulatory agencies across the nation to accept alternative metrics to NAPL remediation such as NAPL transmissivity or recoverability rather than gauged NAPL thickness alone. Mr. Kirkman has presented technical discussions regarding the use of NAPL transmissivity, petroleum baildown tests, core analyses and laser induced fluorescence technology at multiple conferences. He eagerly promotes the discussion of improved LNAPL understanding through LNAPL forums such as the Interstate Regulatory Council publications and as the chair of an ASTM task group under E50.04 to develop a guidance document on the calculation of LNAPL Transmissivity.

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