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"I truly enjoyed the Midwest Geoscience Group 'Designing and Optimizing Groundwater Monitoring Systems in Sedimentary Sequences Part 3' webinar. It was really stimulating to listen to the applicability of fundamental geologic principles to real life case studies. The instructors did an outstanding job explaining vertical seepage rates and preferential flow paths in aquitards as well as emphasizing the importance of deposition in understanding sediment extent and connectivity."
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- Ada Lichaa, Texas Commission of Environmental Quality

Thank You and Congratulations to those who purchased the

This item is now discontinued.

The USDA Calibrated Soil Kit (8 samples @ 200ml) is still available

Master Your Soil Classification Skills and
Improve the Reliability of Your Soil Boring Logs!

A one-of-a-kind collection of calibrated soil samples designed to help test your soil classification and texturing analysis in the field using:

-  Unified Soil Classification System
-  USDA Soil Textures

This kit is the most powerful tool ever designed for learning how to classify soil with accuracy and confidence! This unique collection of soil samples is classified using not only the USDA and USCS, but includes instructions and helpful hints for simplifying classification procedures in the field.

"Originally I ordered your webinars for the credits, until I realized I get more out of the 1.5 hours than most 8-hr classes I have attended."
- Anonymous Feedback Given on Post-Webinar Feedback Survey

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